Thursday, September 17, 2015

They have reason to be optimistic

CAIRO - The UAE/Egypt Liaison Office has announced that 100 new schools, which were recently developed and delivered in 18 Egyptian governorates as part of the Emirati education project in Egypt, will receive around 67,000 students in different grades as the new scholastic year starts.

The new schools fulfil nearly seven percent of the needs in rural villages and include 1,668 classrooms that can cater to 67,000 students in their first year.

The schools will also provide 11,500 job opportunities to the Egyptian people, including permanent jobs for 3,300 teaching and administrative staff.

Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, UAE Minister of State and Head of the UAE/Egypt Liaison Office, extended greetings to the leadership and the people of Egypt on the occasion, emphasising the importance of the education sector in the development process and its role in building human capital which represents the backbone of the community.

"We are confident that the new schools will create value for the communities in different areas of Egypt and will play a positive role in spreading knowledge and enlightenment over the next decades," he added.

Last August, the UAE delivered four projects under delivery protocols for UAE development projects in Egypt spanning education, healthcare and transportation.

The protocols included the delivery of 100 fully-equipped schools in 18 governorates, 78 fully-equipped clinics in 23 governorates, four bridges in three governorates and 600 public city buses in Cairo.

The projects are part of the UAE social and infrastructure development programme in Egypt. The entire programme is projected to benefit more than ten million Egyptians, creating approximately 900,000 temporary and permanent jobs. –end-

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