Thursday, September 24, 2015

More military Hardware goes to...

BEIRUT --- The US has extended a total of US$59 million in military aid to the Lebanese army, mainly frontier security equipment, US Ambassador to Lebanon David Hale said here Wednesday.
Speaking to journalists following a meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam, Hale said his country had recently received a basic payment of Saudi funds for buying US additional military equipment to help the Lebanese army.
The US ambassador added that such funds, together with US finance, would surely help the Lebanese army in continuously developing its military capabilities, according to Kuwait News Agency, KUNA.
Since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis, the US has already offered around US$1 billion in humanitarian aid to the communities which host Syrian refugees in Lebanon, he noted.
However, the US ambassador said different types of assistance cannot create stability that should be provided by good governance only.
He added it was time for the Lebanese parliament to convene and elect a new president at an early date.
Washington has offered US$1.3 billion in security aid to Lebanon over the past ten years.

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