Tuesday, September 1, 2015

For the Abu Dhabi police, carrying out difficult and dangerous tasks is part of daily routine

Dave Moss, Chief of Operations at the London Metropolitan Police, expressed his admiration for the Abu Dhabi Police Security Support members’ skills in fighting crime and uncovering mysteries associated with crimes in record time. In his statement during a ceremony held to honour the Security Support Department’s delegation, Moss praised the professionalism of the personnel as well as their levels of sophistication in carrying out difficult and dangerous tasks. He also expressed his admiration for their expertise, physical fitness, and their intellect, placing them amongst the most effective security members worldwide.

Meanwhile, Detective Lee Spittlehouse, Training Manager at the Metropolitan Police Specialist Training Centre ,MPSTC, of London Police, expressed his admiration for the visiting police force and for their physical abilities and tactical skills. Spittlehouse also commended the Security Support’s delegation for their exceptional professionalism and performance when using various types of firearms, and for their quick response and ability to carry out the tasks entrusted to them.

The delegation of the Support Security Department at the Abu Dhabi Police, headed by Captain Jassem Muhammad Al Zaabi, Patrol Officer at the Security Support Department, travelled to London for a two-week visit with the London Metropolitan Police. During the visit, the ADP delegation participated in daily patrol field tasks and various training activities. The visit falls within the framework of the expertise exchange programme and the international cooperation efforts in security and police fields.

The ceremony celebrating the end of the visit was attended by Major Ahmed Saleh Al Qatba, from the Directorate-General of Security Support at the Abu Dhabi Police, Major Mohammed Ali Al Zaabi, Head of the Legal Support Section at the Security Support Department and Major Dr. Khamis Sultan Al Muhairi, Police Attache at the UAE Embassy in London. –End-

Image by: www.wam.ae

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