Friday, September 11, 2015

It's going to rain cats and dogs here

The Japan Meteorological Agency on Thursday issued special emergency warnings for heavy rain in the prefectures of Tochigi and Ibaraki, located next to each other in eastern Japan, where floods and mudslides occurred, Jiji Press reported An emergency warning is issued when the agency sees the imminent risk of an unusually massive natural disaster that may happen only once in decades. 

In Tochigi Prefecture, landslides hit houses and people, leaving a man in his 20s in a state of cardiorespiratory arrest and a 63-year-old woman missing.

The Kinugawa, a major river that runs through the two prefectures, flooded. Some 37 square kilometers may be inundated after a dike broke on the eastern side of the river, an infrastructure ministry official said.

Evacuation orders were issued to some 160,000 residents in the prefectures of Tochigi, Ibaraki and Chiba due to fears of landslides and floods. –End-

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