Thursday, September 3, 2015

Here's why terrorism and extremism under religious guises are dangerous

Mohammed Ahmed Al Murr, Speaker of Federal National Council, FNC, has re-affirmed that the greatest threat to the relationship of democracy, peace and sustainable development, is the spread of terrorism and extremism under religious or sectarian names.

In a speech last night during the Fourth World Conference of Speakers of Parliament hosted by the United Nations Permanent Headquarters in New York under the title, "Placing democracy at the service of peace and sustainable development". Al Murr said that the choice of the issue of democracy at the service of peace and sustainable development reflects the great challenges facing national societies and international relations alike.

He pointed out that the UAE Parliamentary Division has presented a proposal on several occasions about the concept of "International Democracy", that the making of resolutions, whether through the United Nations or other international labour organisations, must be conducted in accordance with fair democracy in a way that the sovereignty of various nations around the world is equal, leading to maintaining international collective security.

Al Murr said that the UAE Parliamentary Division sees the need to have collective international responsibility to stop the threats of terrorism and extremism, not only by governments but also by the cooperation of parliaments and organisations of civil society, and all active powers within or outside national societies.

He added that the UAE has adopted stable and basic approaches to maximise the values of democracy in the life of peoples and nations, pointing out that this approach depends on the spread of tolerance and values of coexistence between nations and peoples to strengthen the spirit of cooperation and friendship between religions and cultures.

In conclusion, Al Murr expressed his hope that the conference achieves the aspirations of effective and genuine cooperation among the parliaments of the world to create and accomplish sustainability of national and international democracy.

The delegation of the UAE Parliamentary Division participating in the conference included Rashid Mohammed Al Shariqi, Ahmed Obaid Al Mansouri, Faisal Abdullah Al Tunaiji and Dr. Mona Juma Al Bahr, members of the Federal National Council, and Abdulrahman Ali Al Shamsi, Assistant Secretary-General of Legislative and Parliamentary Affairs of the FNC. –End-

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