Monday, September 21, 2015

For this humanitarian group, helping others is second nature

ADEN -- A delegation from the Emirates Red Crescent Authority (ERC), headed by its Secretary General, Dr. Mohammed Atiq Al Falahi, attended the opening of some projects developed by the Authority in Aden and its eight provinces.

Al Falahi said in a statement that the completed projects included 34 schools, part of the 45 such schools to be built in the first phase of a project in which a total of 154 schools are to be constructed. In the healthcare sector, the ERC continues with maintenance and renovation of five hospitals and nine clinics in Aden.

Al Falahi added that the ERC was also working on a project to repair and upgrade Aden's main water supply station at a cost of AED5.8 million in the project's first phase. Once completed, the station will cater to the water needs of 430,000 people, almost half of Aden's population.

The ERC is also working on a project to renovate Aden Corniche and other projects for the families of martyrs, including grocery stores, plumbing shops and ladies' saloons.

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