Thursday, September 17, 2015

PHL Customs can learn a trick or two from this

DUBAI - In line with its mission of protecting society and sustaining economic development through compliance and facilitation, Dubai Customs, DC, has launched its Rafed service, an innovative and secure community-customs communication channel that helps employees, clients or the public report customs violations and illicit trade practices that may harm national economy and trade. Information submitted through the service are guaranteed confidentiality.

Under the motto ‘Report it and Stay Safe’, the service was launched at a ceremony attended by a host of Dubai Customs senior officials and employees.

Dubai Customs Director, Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, reaffirmed DC’s commitment to adopting the latest best practices and technological breakthroughs in order to leverage customs processes. Talking about the new service, Musabih said, "Rafed is introduced by the Customs Intelligence Department of Dubai Customs to facilitate reporting of any information, in a completely confidential environment, that may indicate the existence of customs violations or illicit trade acts."

The World Customs Organisation, WCO, Enforcement Committee hailed this unique service during its last meeting, in March, in Brussels.

Musabih added that the Rafed service encourages UAE citizens and residents, as well as people living abroad, to be proactive and report any acts threating the safety and security of the nation. Monetary and non-monetary rewards are offered to those who provide information that proves valid and leads to detection of prohibited substances or customs violations.

"Dubai Customs is part of an intelligence information exchange network with 186 member states of the World Customs Organization, in addition to other international and regional organisations, including the International Criminal Police Organisation, Interpol and the Regional Intelligence Liaison Office, RILO," according to Musabih.

He pointed out that Rafed is of great significance in light of the huge consignments, volume and passengers traffic that go through Dubai every day. "The continuously-rising volume in trade and passenger flow requires an innovative and untraditional approach to stand up to any violations or security breaches that may disturb the national economy and security."

Saeed Ahmed Al Tayer, Executive Director of Policies and Legislation Division at Dubai Customs, called upon the public to be part of the efforts exerted towards preserving the stability and security of the country and the economy by interacting with this new service and to report any suspicious acts and violations they may witness.

The Customs Intelligence Department assigned a designated taskforce team to scrutinise and verify any information received and take the necessary action.

Talal Ibrahim Al Abdooli, Director of Customs Intelligence Department at Dubai Customs, said that the service can be accessed through hotline 80072333/ 800RAFED, email, or the Dubai Customs website. He added that more communication channels will be added in the future. –end-

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