Saturday, April 25, 2015

World peace through mutual respect
is UAE's message at UN

NEW YORK --The UAE has participated in high-level debate of the UN General Assembly, which was held under the theme "Promoting Tolerance and Reconciliation: Promotion of Comprehensive and Peaceful Societies and the Fighting Against Violent Extremism."

Mohammed Ali Al Shamsi, deputy director of the international security cooperation department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who represented the UAE in the meeting, stressed the full support of the UAE to the work of the United Nations and its agencies, including the Alliance of Civilisations, and its unremitting efforts to build a comprehensive peaceful world based on the principle of mutual respect.

He said in a statement before the UN General Assembly on Wednesday that the violence perpetrated by the terrorists and militants in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, poses more challenges to the international peace and security, noting that many children are deprived to get education and live in a peaceful society and stable environment because of the violence.
Al Shamsi cited the UAE's experience of tolerance, pluralism and innovation, noting that it could be emulated to reinforce the existence of peaceful and inclusive societies to combat the violent extremism in line with the theme of debate, sponsored by the United Nations General Assembly.

He underlined the UAE's commitment to deter all acts of terrorism, and uproot and deprive it any opportunity to recruit young people through their poisonous propaganda campaigns. 

Al Shamsi said that the UAE is working on all possible levels through schools, religious leaders and communities and with all partners at the national, regional and international levels, including multilateral institutions to intervene and stop the extremists and defeat them systematically and continuously.  -end-

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