Thursday, April 30, 2015

Emiratis enjoy high standards of living

DUBAI ---The progress report on the UAE National Agenda reviewed by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid at his office at the Cabinet reveals the following results for 2014:

- Percentage of Emirati children in preschools rose to 88%. The target is 95% by 2021.

- Percentage of students with high skills in Arabic, according to national tests - UAE NAP. Females beat males. Private schools applying the Ministry of Education curriculum beat public schools.

- Prevalence of obesity amongst children (12-17 years old) went down to 13%. Lowest rate in Umm Al Qaiwain. Target is to take rate down to 12%.

- Healthcare Quality Index. UAE remained the best performing among Arab countries.

- National Identity Index. Performance rate went up from 82% to 91% in 2014. 25 initiatives are in place to achieve 100%.

- Happiness Index. UAE remained the happiest Arab country, and third happiest globally.

- Sense of security. 92% in 2014.

- Road Traffic Death Rate per 100 thousand population went down 24% in the four past years.

- Reliability of Police Services. From 12th place in 2013 to 7th place globally in 2014.

- Global Competitiveness Index. Now in 12th place globally up from 24th place in 2012.

- Percentage of UAE Nationals in the workforce. 275,000 Emiratis in 2014. Target is 460,000 by 2021.

- Global Innovation Index. Remarkable progress. UAE is first Arab country on this indicator.

- Percentage of Emiratis in the private sector is 22%. The target is 50% by 2021. Female account for 52%.

- Air Quality Index. Quality improved by 20% in one year. Environmental initiatives are in place to increase improvement.

- Time to obtain a loan/house from the Government for UAE nationals decreased from 10 years in the previous years to four years. Target is two years by 2021.

- Share of "Knowledge Workers" in the labour force is 22% now. Target is 40% by 2021.

- Networked Readiness Index (Telecommunication & IT sectors): From 20th place globally in the past four years to 23th place. UAE is now the first Arab country on this indicator and is ahead of advanced countries such as Belgium, Ireland and France.

- Quality of air transport infrastructure. From 3rd place to 2nd place globally. Target is the first spot globally.
- Quality of port infrastructure. From 5th place to 3rd place globally.
- Quality of overall infrastructure (such as transportation, electricity and telephone lines). Progress from 8th spot to 3rd spot globally. Target is the first spot globally. -end-

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