Monday, May 4, 2015

Terrorism a threat to all humanity, says UAE legislator

ABU DHABI-- Mohammed Ahmed Al Murr, Speaker of Federal National Council, FNC, and Head of the UAE Parliamentary Division, said on Sunday that terrorism does not belong to any religion, has no nationality and now is not limited to certain regions, cultures or religions. Rather, he warned, it now has multiple sources and its cells are seeking to spread corruption, threatening the very existence of all humanity and civilisation and human achievements and capabilities for development and progress. 

Al Mur was speaking at the opening of a two-day meeting of the Executive Commission of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, OIC, to discuss a proposed draft charter to fight extremism and terrorism.

In a meeting in January in Istanbul, Turkey, the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States, PUOICM, agreed in principle on the draft charter proposed by the UAE Parliamentary Division, Al Mur noted. 

"Based on its unwavering commitment to combat all sources of terrorism and extremism, and recognising the dangers of this blight on Islam's genuine values of rapprochement between civilisations and the convergence of cultures, and recognising the need to achieve further solidarity and cooperation on fighting terrorist threats which no single region or state can counter alone, the UAE, through its Parliamentary Division, has deemed its necessary to come up with a collective stance to face these challenges and to have a collective voice for Muslim peoples to express a strong stance on combating all forms, sources and manifestations of terrorism," said the FNC speaker. 

This, he stressed, can be achieved through the adoption of an Islamic parliamentary charter on combating terrorism and extremism, promotion of inter-parliamentary cooperation and coordination in order to explore ways of countering the dangers posed by terrorism and extremist ideology on the security and stability of Muslim countries, promote true Islamic values and fight the smear campaigns against Islam's tolerance to protect and present its true image.

The draft charter strongly denounces and rejects all entities, groups, organisations, parties and individuals that use force, threats, violence and wrongful killing and intimidation to damage public order, jeopardise basic freedoms, abuse human dignity, or to endanger the security of societies, forcibly displace populations, injure and terrorise individuals or damage the public and private property and resources of states, or to perpetrate genocide, ethnic cleansing or any terrorist acts that are rejected by the OIC and codes of conduct for fighting terrorism and the relevant international conventions. The charter considers all these acts as terrorist crimes that are definitely not linked to Islam. –end-

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