Thursday, May 14, 2015

Deep and real development taking place in Emirates

Serene, serious and successful, were the adjectives Dr. Anwar Mohammed Gargash, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Minister of Federal National Council Affairs, used to describe development in the UAE.
In contrast, the Middle East was "at its worst in the history of Arabian politics," the UAE Minister said.
Dr. Gargash was the main speaker at - ‘A Brighter Future’ - the mid-morning lead session on the second day of the 14th Arab Media Forum at the Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai.
Moderated by Yousuf Serif, Anchor, Sky News Arabia, who himself admitted to finding it difficult on TV to cover the events of the Arab World – Libya, Iraq, Syria and Yemen.
Serif opened the session with a short audio-video montage of quotes of leaders from across the Arab World, citing their concerns and fears for, and of the region.
Dr. Gargash was then asked to place the UAE’s amazing developmental prowess – tallest building, biggest malls – into this context.
"UAE’s development is deep and real, not superficial," Dr. Gargash said citing a 96 per cent eradication of illiteracy and a 70- to 76-year life expectancy as real measures of UAE development.
"The most important aspect of our development concerns women," he said, adding, "Emirati women are today involved at senior and middle-level management across sectors and this is only going to improve.
"Difficulties we face are not a call to retreat from development and our business cycle," Dr. Gargash said, citing a foreign policy that, while dealing with issues in the region, is also reaching out to East Asia and countries in the Schengen Visa zone.
To Yousuf Serif’s question on why people from across the world are choosing to live in the UAE, Dr. Gargash said he believed a country that offered prosperity, job opportunities and a stable social environment to raise a family, would always be an attractive destination.
In comments on the wider challenges facing the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, Dr. Gargash said the UAE believes the Arab World cannot develop without Egypt. "Egypt is crucial for a moderate Arab World and hence, we launched projects there. However, we ensured two things: one, that the projects would positively impact the weakest sections of society; and, that the projects would be completed in two years so people could experience their positive effects quickly," Dr. Gargash said.
"We support the Saudis in Yemen. We support Egypt. We support a society that has principles and values. We support a moderate Arab World," Dr. Gargash said.
He added that the UAE had already reached out to Yemen with humanitarian aid and had requested for ports to be opened to let ships in with the goods.
"Yemen will require construction and projects and the GCC countries realise this," Dr. Gargash said, adding that the country requires not only military intervention but political and UN intervention as well."
On Syria, Dr. Gargash said a conference was held in Abu Dhabi to discuss the rebuilding of the country and infrastructure projects there.
The Arab Media Forum 2015 is being attended by more than 2,000 delegates from the region and the wider world. A third of the speakers this year are foreign experts.

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