Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What's the weather today? Look it up in YouTube

The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology today launched its channel "UAE Weather" (YouTube.com/UAEWeather) on a YouTube site that specialises in broadcasting weather bulletins, videos and programmes to reach a wider audience.

The channel aims to unify sources of meteorological and seismic information in order to avoid the spread of rumors across Internet and social networking sites.

The YouTube channel is the first of its kind in the Arab world in the field of meteorology, providing daily weather forecasts and weekly programmes in Arabic. The channel also includes additional programmes such as Safar that showcases the best travel and tourism spots inside and outside the country during different seasons, programmes for health, events and other developments of the Center's programs and projects as well as photography and video competition programmes.

Dr. Abdullah Al Mandoos, Executive Director of the Centre, said, "The launch of the channel came in line with the vision of the wise leadership in establishing the foundations of e-government, and to facilitate the arrival of meteorological services and earthquakes in the easiest and fastest route available."

He explained that this channel is the first step in creating a specialised programme in weather and climate affairs, adding that the channel will be exclusive through electronic media platforms for the transfer of expert Daily News in meteorology.

Al Mandoos also addresses the aim of the channel in connecting sources of meteorological and seismic information to prevent rumours that are circulating on social networking sites, where accurate information provided by the centre should not be tampered with as it significantly pertains to the daily life of every individual.

He noted that the weather forecasters are the core of the channel, providing official daily weather forecasts sourced from meteorological and seismic information in the United Arab Emirates. With the combination of the latest in technology and the best in expertise, information on weather conditions becomes efficient and reliable.
Al Mandoos points out that the channel will target all the areas inside and outside the country, indicating that the number of daily visitors on their website reaches 50,000 and increases to up to two million during different weather phenomena. The primary interest of the centre is to communicate with the public and with the utmost effort in providing all the necessary information accurately and fast.

For his part, Omar Al Yazeedi, Director of Research, Development and Training Department, explained that the centre has established its very own broadcasting studio with latest technology and staff training to ensure the delivery of programmes, pointing out that he has worked with all current employees of the channel to create a new generation of broadcasters that are experts in this new media content of weather forecasts in addition to preparing local talents in specialised meteorological and seismic information.

Al Yazeedi added that the centre is currently working to monitor changes in the atmosphere and crust- and exchanging this information and data regionally and internationally, according to the rules and regulations of the World Meteorological Organisation and the International Civil Aviation Organisation and regional and international organisations concerned with the weather.

The centre during the past five years, has worked on the development and modernisation of air and seismic monitoring devices with an increase in the number of monitoring stations at the state level as well as computer systems, networks and the drivers and receivers of information from satellite monitoring. In addition, the centre has contributed to raising the efficiency of performance in the areas of forecasts while developing the use of numerical forecasts and information technology.

In the academic realm, the centre was launched in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Abu Dhabi's first Bachelor in the field of meteorology in the UAE. The centre has worked closely in communication with regional and international universities to discuss cooperation in the field of research and studies.

The centre provides information on weather and seismic activity twenty-four hours a day while allocating decision-making centers, traffic management and National Emergency Management Authority, crises and disasters of all meteorological and seismic information. The center is an official member of the Executive Committee of the Group of Emergency Management, crises and disasters in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. –End-

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