Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More countries now moving towards E-Government to empower the citizenry

Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre (ADSIC), the pioneering Government entity responsible for the UAE capital's ICT agenda and transformation efforts, has revealed the Centre's new and improved e-Government strategy for 2015 and beyond, during its hosting of the 6th edition of the Abu Dhabi e-Government Forum, under the theme 'Towards a Digital Abu Dhabi', which took place at the St. Regis Hotel, Corniche on 9th June 2015.

The Forum and its outcomes represents years of steadfast work, efforts and commitment to achieve distinction through a series of pioneering initiatives that have been design to support and boost ICT modernization across Abu Dhabi. 
It was also an ideal platform to showcase the latest milestones achieved by ADSIC's strategic partners, who include Government entities and educational institutions, as the Forum is considered a dynamic knowledge-sharing platform that bring together ICT experts, both locally and internationally, to exchange insights and assist in transferring knowledge to the UAE's capital.
The new and improved e-Government strategy which has been mapped out by clear and scalable objectives, mechanisms and KPI's, aims to rapidly enable the digital transformation of Government services and shared ICT infrastructure through a road map that will be followed in the years to come in order to fully reach smart-government through a unified e-gateway, which will primarily focus on the various aspects of word-class m-Government services. 
The road map has also been designed to accelerate the speed and capacity in which additional Government services can be absorbed. It also outlines how the partner Government entities will play a visible role in adopting and applying the new strategy, especially in the realm of m-services.
The event commenced with a comprehensive presentation about the Abu Dhabi e-Government which included a retrospective on the Emirate's ICT maturity levels and the state of Government digital transformation, covering key topics such as shared infrastructure, shared applications and channels, as well as e-Government standards and regulations. 

The presentation also shed the spotlight on a range of large key ICT initiatives and operational areas pioneered and streamlined through the Centre, including the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre, Abu Dhabi Government Portal, Jobs Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Network, Security Policy and Governance, architecture-literacy programs, non-objection certificates, City Guard and other Government ICT programs.

Highlighting the new e-Government strategy on the sidelines of the 2015 e-Government forum, HE Rashed Lahej Al Mansoori, Director General at ADSIC said, "Our new strategy aspires to position the Emirate's Government as a leading smart government, driven by innovation and inspired by society, while being dedicated to delivering innovative digital services and channels, standards and policies, and building the foundation for an ICT-Mature society. 
This can be achieved through high competency and excellence, and by adopting the principles of transparency, open - high-value diversity, respect for individuals, and by constantly being driven by innovation, to lead by example.
Al Mansoori added, "Our new strategy aims to vigorously align e-Government strategic objectives with Abu Dhabi's vision for building a knowledge-based sustainable economy that constantly evolves and pushes the boundaries of innovation and ideas creation to improve public administration through ICT."

"Moving forward, we will utilize all our efforts and resources to ensure the improvement of Government ICT capabilities and cross-cooperation with our constituents to provide government service channels that are able to facilitate society participation, engagement with the government and improve digital literacy levels for all end-users"
Al Mansoori went on to say that ADSIC is honored to announce a number of new initiatives today at the e-government forum, among its peers and partners from the public and private ICT sector, such as Abu Dhabi Government Cloud, which seeks to decrease Government IT spent, catalyze innovation and increase efficiency and productivity. The new Mobile Government Strategy will develop integrated digital services by augmenting the planning capabilities and creating a robust m-Service Data Management Strategy.
In addition, ADSIC announced the Data Management Strategy which comprises of 13 Data Management domains.
The 2015 e-Government Forum included a special 'Recognition Awards' for Abu Dhabi-based Government entities and participating educational Institutions who have exceled in the fields of ICT innovation and implementation. 
The Government entities included: Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care & Special Needs Family Development Foundation in the category of Digital Literacy Program, Abu Dhabi Food and Control Authority and Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority in the category of Spatial Data Infrastructure, Abu Dhabi Food and Control Authority and Abu Dhabi Health Authority in the category of Information Security Programs, Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority and Abu Dhabi Police GHQ in the category of Contact Centres, Department of Transport and Abu Dhabi Police GHQ in the category of City Guard, Abu Dhabi Education Council and Abu Dhabi Food and Control Authority in the category of Emirates ID Implementation, Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority and Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council in the category of Jobs Abu Dhabi, Department of Economic Development and Department of Transport in the category of Mobile Services, and finally Abu Dhabi Police GHQ and Abu Dhabi Judicial Department in the category of Abu Dhabi Portal.
Educational institutions that were honored included: Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research, Higher Colleges of Technolgy, Zayed University, Secondary Scholl of Applied Technology, Zayed Foundation for Charity and Humanitarian Works, Creative Robotics UAE and the Abu Dhabi Education Council.
During the 2015 Abu Dhabi e-Government forum, a number of leading Government entities also presented in-depth presentations, covering a number of ICT areas, such as the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA), who shed the spotlight on the Authority's vision, mission, core functions and the policies, strategies , plans and principles it has in place to achieve full digital transformation. 
The presentation included a full showcase of the housing services system for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the main stages of electronic processing across local, federal and private entities, the Authority's database management system, as well as the key components of one its central activities; the e-house record system. Other highlights included ADHA's GIS platform, which specializes in organizing and evaluating all types of data related to the housing of all residents across the UAE's capital, and in turn, enables decision-making when it comes to long term planning of various housing needs and loan budgets.
ADHA's presentation also included an overview on the Authority's future vision, mobile apps, business intelligence and big data platform.
The e-Government Forum also included a presentation from the Department of Transport (DOT) which included insights into the Department's vision, mission and objectives, as well as the its strategy for the integration of smart transport systems across Abu Dhabi; a key operational and expansion area for DOT.
The Department also highlighted a number of its leading e-services such as the Electronic Suggestions System, Importer Services and studies related to the impact of traffic, traffic management in urban areas, highways and commercial vehicles, management of public transport, in addition to its well-known vehicle organization systems: Mawaqif and Hafilat.
The Government entity participation in 2015 e-Government Forum concluded with a presentation by Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), that outlined the Council's efforts in building a future ready ICT education environment through advanced ITC methods, as well as an overview on ADEC's IT strategy, outlook and vision which strives to become a world-class integrated practical learner centric body encompassing a modern ICT Network. 
ADEC also highlighted how its current ITC infrastructure is connecting more than 250 schools in Abu Dhabi by implementing data center content and filtering the latest devices to effectively facilitate learning in schools. It is worth noting that ADEC also implements the Enterprise Student Information System (eSIS), with 16 core modules rolled out to all public and private schools. Many of these Enterprise Solutions are being utilized to enable staff with their work in schools or across ADEC offices.


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