Friday, May 6, 2016

United vs terror

BRUSSELS -- Dr. Amal Al Qubaisi, Speaker of the Federal National Council, FNC, has expressed satisfaction with the positive results achieved by the recent visit of the EU Parliament and the European Commission, leading a parliamentary delegation to discuss with a number of senior EU officials and representatives and some heads of parliamentary groups, which confirmed that the visit has achieved the desired objectives.

In an interview with, European channel, "Euronews" she said, "All the members of the her parliamentary delegation and as representatives of the UAE, we carried to Europe and its peoples and its leadership a message of peace and love that the UAE stands with them in the ongoing war against terrorism and extremism and renounce violence."

"I would like to convey my deepest condolences to the family of the victims of this tragic bombing that took place in Brussels. The feelings that I have had there were mix feelings of sorrow and sadness, and also determination that we should join forces together to work against terrorism everywhere it is. Because terrorism has no nation and no religion."

She said, "As a Muslim lady, I am more determine to work hard jointly with all my fellow sisters and brothers, so that we can come back and counter terrorism."

According to her, "Islam has been hijacked by those extremists and radicals who have nothing to do with our religion of peace and religion of tolerance."

Answering a query, she said, "In the UAE, women empowerment was the main priority in our strategic development agenda, it was practiced not now since the establishment of the UAE through education and opening working opportunities for us (women)."

"We were empowered in many different ways, but also we are passionate and committed and we feel that whatever we do is also a national duty. So today gradually and naturally you will find that women progress in the United Arab Emirates sets a role model of how you can empower society through empowerment of women," Dr. Al Qubaisi pointed out.

She said that from being an elected member in the parliament till the deputy speaker and now as the speaker, to be on the top of the political establishment, represents the visionary leadership, the dynamic government and also the trust and respect of the society and community for women.

"At the UAE now we have transformed from empower of women to empower by women. And now you will find that our role is way beyond any barrier and we practice all different roles hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder with our best alliance the man," she added.

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