Friday, May 20, 2016

These villages get drinking water supply


      DUBAI: The Dar Al Ber Society (DABS) has built a modern network of drinking water supply in a number of poor villages in Ethiopia.

The promising scheme, established in a tough mountainous area, saves indigent villagers a walking distance of 20 to 30km every day, according to Abdullah Ali bin Zayed, Executive Director of the Dar Al Ber Society.

The society has also started field visits to these schemes in collaboration with Dar Al Ber partners to closely follow-up the developments of all its charity projects around the world.

"Senior staff and specialists are being dispatched on a regular basis to meet with Dar Al Ber strategic partners across the globe to be updated about the developments of the philanthropic projects being carried out and their capability to run these schemes," he said.

A delegation of the Society experts and specialists, including Imran Mohammed Abdullah, head of charity projects sector and Abdulkareem Jaafar Al Hassan, manager of projects department, paid a three-day visit to Dar Al Ber’s ongoing charity projects in Ethiopia, mainly the Orphan Sponsorship project.

"Dar Al Ber is dedicated to providing relief to our brothers in Ethiopia and other countries where deprived people are suffering from a serious shortage of food, clothes and shelter," he added.

Recently, an official delegation from the Dar Al Ber Society organised a field visit to 70 major charitable and humanitarian projects underway in Ghana and Senegal launched to ease the suffering of people there.

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