Saturday, November 28, 2015

Stable bilateral ties

''I would like to express my profound gratitude and appreciation for the fifth meetings of the committee that have been very successful. The UAE-Russia ties are strategic. Russia is a strategic partner of the UAE and we are looking forward for broader bilateral cooperation in diverse areas,'' Sheikh Abdullah stated after the signing of legal documents.

H.H. reiterated the UAE's condemnation of the series of terrorist acts that struck many countries recently, mainly the Russian plane that crashed over Sinai Peninsula in Egypt and the recent shooting down of the Russian military plane in Syria.

He said, ''The two countries maintain close partnership that grew over the recent years and we believe that these bonds deserve even more effort to boost and diversify them.'' He noted the increasing attention being paid to the flow of investment between the two countries. ''We believe that what Mubadala Development Co. and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) are doing is yet another proof of the strong trust and cooperation between the two countries. Definitely, the conclusion of the MoUs on cooperation in sports and intellectual property demonstrates the diversity of ties, not only in political, military and investment domains but also in sports and other economic aspects related to the protection of intellectual property rights.

''We think these aspects will further boost the investment climate as well as the economic cooperation and exchange and the people-to-people bonds."

Expressing his thanks to the Russian minister for his efforts in advancing the bilateral ties, Sheikh Abdullah said, ''Your desire and keenness have played a vital and strong role in solidifying these ties. No doubt, the directives of Emirati and Russian leaderships aim to expand cooperation in all spheres.'' The Russian minister thanked Sheikh Abdullah for hosting the fifth meeting of the committee, noting that bilateral ties were based on direct cooperation between the leaders.

He said, ''In addition to our keenness to bolster these ties, we are also interested in building tripartite cooperation, particularly in our joint projects in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, including Cuba, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Pakistan and Egypt. We hope such cooperation would generate opportunities and potentials for furthering our ties and increasing the flow of investments and trade exchange between us.'' He expressed the hope for maintaining the current dynamism for further consolidating these ties in all fields, including economy, trade, investment and culture, referring to the two MoUs signed today, along with a recent one in the area of judicial cooperation.

He thanked Sheikh Abdullah for his efforts to enhance bilateral diplomatic ties and for his sincere desire to develop economic cooperation, wishing success for the projects aimed at expanding the joint cooperation as discussed by the committee.

Earlier, Sheikh Abdullah and the Russian minister discussed bilateral friendly relations in areas of economy, trade and industry. They also exchanged views about a host of latest developments in the region that were of mutual concern.
Khaled Ghanem Al Ghaith, Assistant Foreign Minister for Economic Affairs and International Cooperation, and Omar Saif Gobash, UAE Ambassador to Russia, attended both meetings.

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