Monday, November 9, 2015

Did they restore hope?

ABU DHABI -- The first batch of the UAE Armed Forces are arriving back in the UAE after claiming big victories during their participation in Operations Decisive Storm and Restoring Hope, carried out by the Saudi-led Arab coalition.

The first batch are coming back to the UAE in line with a troop rotation policy, which saw the second batch of UAE Armed Forces soldiers assume their duties in Yemen on November 2nd.

The troops will head for Sweihan where an armed forces parade will be held in their honor with military performances by UAE army personnel. In attendance will be UAE leaders, VIPs, officials and media. The military convoy is then expected to cross over from Ghuwaifat on the UAE-Saudi border.

The arrival of the first batch of soldiers will be covered by all television and radio channels across the UAE in a unified broadcast until 8 p.m., which will include a ceremonial reception to welcome back the brave soldiers and feature a number of interviews with military experts.

Visitors to several of the capital’s main malls will be able to witness the events on big screens, which will broadcast the celebrations live.

The 15-kilometre convoy will arrive in Ghayathi, an area between Abu Dhabi city and Ghuwaifat, before heading to the Sweihan military camp at around 12:30 p.m..

UAE citizens and residents are tweeting using a hashtag in Arabic, which translates to 'Replacing the Brave UAE Soldiers'.

The Armed Forces played a massive role in in the liberation of Marib from the Al Houthis and forces loyal to ousted Yemeni president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, as well as liberating the Marib dam, which was rebuilt by the late Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and inaugurated in 1986.

The objective of the Arab coalition’s operations in Yemen is to end the rebellion and restore stability to the country. Operation Restoring Hope was launched following Operation Decisive Storm in order to complete the liberation of Yemen and reconstruct it following the destruction perpetrated by the Al Houthis and Salehs.

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