Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Preemptive arrests stop deadly attack

A UAE paper has said that it is difficult to imagine the kind of havoc Daesh terrorists would have wreaked had Saudi authorities not apprehended the hundreds of suspects in recent raids.
"Having planned more attacks on mosques, security forces and Western interests, they have proven that the recent attacks on worshippers in mosques were the tip of their iceberg of terror," said Gulf News in an editorial on Monday.
The sheer number of people arrested is a chilling reminder of the amount of support these radical fanatics enjoy in our societies, having penetrated them and spread their deviant ideology.
Perhaps most worrying about the group was that they were not a group at all. The large number of people arrested may not only be a surprise to the authorities and the public, but also the terrorists themselves. Those apprehended were divided into small terror cells that had no knowledge about other cells. This tactic by the parent terror group is designed to prevent one cell from giving away information on the other cells once apprehended. The Saudi security forces have however proven that despite such sophisticated methods to avert detection, a variety of cells was indeed discovered.
"This incident serves as another reminder that we, governments, citizens and expatriates have to remain vigilant about the penetration of radical ideas. Gulf states cannot afford to allow fanatics tear apart our social fabric," concluded the paper. –End-

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