Thursday, July 2, 2015

France, UAE step up cooperation on medical training, health security

Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed Al Owais, Minister of Health, and French ambassador, Michel Miraillet, have discussed avenues of medical cooperation between the UAE and France, and ways to benefit from France's expertise in continuous medical training and education.

The talks took place at a meeting at the Ministry of Health in Dubai. 

Minister Al Owais said other topics discussed included cooperation and expertise exchange in sectors like IT, health security, combating infectious diseases, and doctor exchange programmes. 

During the meeting, he outlined the development of the health sector of the UAE. He also welcomed cooperation between the medical institutes and research centres of the two counties. 

The French ambassador commended the fast-paced achievement being made in the health sector in the UAE. 
He expressed his country's desire to sign strategic agreements to promote coordination on medical educational curricula, technical training for UAE medical staff at French universities, exchange of knowledge and expertise to develop medical research centres in the UAE. 

Other targeted areas, he noted, include medical tourism between the UAE and France, participation in medical and health exhibitions and conferences, and facilitation of medical equipment supplies. –End-

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