Tuesday, January 5, 2016

UAE to Iran: Don't interfere in Saudi affairs

ABU DHABI -- The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs today summoned Iran's Ambassador to the UAE, Mohammad Reza Fayyad, and handed him a written protest note regarding the Iranian intervention in the sovereign affairs of the fraternal country of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the attacks on the Saudi diplomatic missions in Tehran and Mashhad.

"These acts represent a violation of international charters and norms," according to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Jarman, Assistant Foreign Minister for Political Affairs handed over the note to the Iranian ambassador who was summoned today. The note confirmed the UAE's condemnation of the flagrant interference by Iran and Iranian remarks pertaining to the sentences handed down by the judicial authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against terrorist groups.
The note also emphasized that this Iranian intervention in Saudi Arabia's internal affairs undermines the efforts aimed to build confidence between Iran and the countries of the region and is considered an interference in the internal affairs of these countries as well as violates the regional sovereignty principle.
The note also condemned the provocative and escalatory statements that accompanied this intervention and contributed to fueling the situation. The note also expressed UAE's condemnation of the Iranian attacks on the diplomatic missions of Saudi Arabia, stressing that Iran has to respect its international obligations regarding diplomatic missions and the protection of diplomats on its land.
In this regard, Al-Jarman said Iran is responsible for the protection of embassies and diplomats, a responsibility that must be borne completely under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations which is based on respect for sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, namely the principles that guarantee security and regional stability between Iran and neighboring Arab countries.
He also emphasized that the UAE stands with Saudi Arabia, supports its stance and respects its sovereignty and institutions, a trend that organizes relations between the countries in the region.

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