Friday, October 2, 2015

This country is hopping mad

MANAMA --- Bahrain has recalled its ambassador to Iran, Rashid Saad Al Dossari, state news agency BNA reported on Thursday, a day after it said security forces had discovered a large bomb-making factory and arrested a number of suspects linked to Iran's Revolutionary Guards.
Bahrain's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a statement carried by BNA, has also declared the Iranian Acting Charge d'affaires in Bahrain, Mohammad Reza Babai, as a persona non grata and given him 72 hours to leave the country.
The statement said the action was taken in response to "continuing interference by Iran in the affairs of the kingdom" and an attempt by Tehran to foment "confessional sedition".
Iran supports acts of "sabotage and terrorism" in the country, the statement added, accusing Tehran of forming and arming "terrorist groups" and providing them with refuge.
The Ministry said the decision was made "in the light of the continued Iranian interference in the affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain without any legal deterrent or moral limits as well as its unlawful attempts and practices to create sectarian strife and impose its hegemony and control over the entire region."
It added that Iran is attempting to this through "reprehensible tools and means that are not limited to offending statements from senior officials, but also include supporting subversion, terrorism and incitement to violence through misleading media campaigns as well as assisting terrorist groups in the smuggling of weapons and explosives, and training their members, and harboring fugitives from justice."
Bahrain's diplomatic action, also came to face "Iran's repeated and blatant violation of all norms, laws and international conventions and principles of good neighborliness, mutual respect and unacceptable infringement on the independence and sovereignty of the Kingdom of Bahrain," the Ministry's statement added.

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