Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rebuilding homes, rebuilding lives

TUBAS  -- The UAE Charity Authority has carried out the restoration and construction of a house for a Palestinian family living in Tubas in the West Bank, alleviating their misery and poverty, as part of a series of projects building houses for marginalised families that need support and assistance in Palestinian society.

The owner of the house extended thanks to the United Arab Emirates, the UAE Charity Authority and philanthropists in the country for saving his family from the disastrous situation they experienced for many years and which made them feel that they are not part of their community.

Ibrahim Rashid, Commissioner of the Authority in the West Bank, said that the rebuilding of this house for a family of eight, including three people with disabilities, forms an important and unprecedented step for the UAE charity, which seeks to provide assistance for families who experience worsening health and living conditions in Palestinian society.

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