Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Banned in the Emirates

ABU DHABI -- The State Security Division of the Federal Supreme Court today issued sentences in a case involving a number of people accused of involvement with the terrorist organisation, Daesh.
The court, presided over by Judge Mohammed al-Jarrah Al Tunaiji, awarded a death sentence in absentia to four people, sentenced another three to 10 years' imprisonment, two others were handed down prison sentence of five years, one will be jailed for three years, while one was found not guilty.
The defendants, nationals of the UAE, GCC, and Arab countries, were charged with travelling to join the terrorist organisation after entering the territory of an Arab country and taking part in various activities of the organisation, including promoting the group at a public place, providing funds, managing a website to promote the organisation's ideas, and damaging the state's reputation and prestige and insulting the state's symbols.
The court ordered the closure of the website indefinitely, confiscation of seized items and deportation of two of the convicts after they complete their sentences.
The court also ruled in the case of six Arab defendants, one of whom is a GCC national, for providing the terrorist group Al Houthi in Yemen, with communication devices, equipment, chemical materials and other means of communication.
The court imposed a 10 year prison sentence on three of the accused followed with deportation. One of the defendants, who owns a company in the UAE, was fined AED1 million, and his company's headquarters was ordered to be shut down and its monies were ordered to be confiscated.
The company was founded in one of the emirates with the knowledge that the funds belonged to a terrorist organisation. The other four defendants were acquitted.

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